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What We're About

“My Buddy Bench Project” is a non-profit organization created by a child and her mother. We aim to encourage communities to collaborate in creating a kinder future for our children by adopting and installing “Buddy Benches” in elementary schools and public spaces.


Our Mission

To promote kindness and empathy among children in schools and public spaces through

“Buddy Benches” combating bullying.


Who I am

“I was an elementary student not so long ago and I experienced what it feels like to be socially isolated, and at times, bullied. I want to help other kids feel safe and make friends. With your help we can make a positive and life-changing difference, one Buddy Bench at a time.”

Victoria Portela
Co-Founder, My Buddy Bench Project


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How to Detect Child Bullying and Help Children Navigate School Violence

Detecting signs of bullying in our children is crucial to developproper ways to fight against it. Dr. Rina S. Santiago-Guia encourages speaking to our children each day about school activities, maintaining regular contact with their teachers, and just keeping up with their routine. The more involved we are, the easier it is to spot behavioral changes.

Kindness Ambassadors

Doing Good TogetherTM (DGT) is a national nonprofit that works to make volunteering and service, along with daily kindness, easy for every family. Learn what the Doing Good TogetherTM Service Fair participants and volunteers do to bring smiles and hope in their community.


& How it works!


A Buddy Bench is a designated seat in schools or public spaces where children can sit if they need a friend by their side. It stands out, promotes awareness, and prevents bullying.

Children who want a friend to play or talk with can sit on the Buddy Bench. Kindness Ambassadors and other children are encouraged to invite them to join activities. Repeated use of the bench signals the need for support, prompting school staff to provide assistance.


Special to Islander News. Apr 30, 2023

Anti-bullying prevention organization My Buddy Bench Project gets key sponsor and Supporter

Pointing to the fact the organization is on a mission “to help bring kindness and empathy to children in elementary schools and public spaces with the help of a Buddy Bench”. the law firm of Panter, Panter, and Sampedro is a proud sponsor of the My Buddy Bench Project.

Panter, Panter, and Sampedro, P.A. is a Florida-based personal injury law firm helping injured clients through the legal process. For over 30 years, their trial attorneys have worked one-on-one with clients to lead them to justice, recovery, and proper compensation.


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