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How to Detect Child Bullying and Help Children Navigate School Violence

Detecting signs of bullying in our children is crucial to develop proper ways to fight against it. Dr. Rina S. Santiago-Guia encourages speaking to our children each day about school activities, maintaining regular contact with their teachers, and just keeping up with their routine. The more involved we are, the easier it is to spot behavioral changes.

Kindness Ambassadors

Doing Good TogetherTM (DGT) is a national nonprofit that works to make volunteering and service, along with daily kindness, easy for every family. Learn what the Doing Good TogetherTM Service Fair participants and volunteers do to bring smiles and hope in their community.

MBBP First Reveal Event introduction

Mrs. Kelley, PTA President speaking about Victoria’s dream and encouraging the students to dream ¡Lets make dreams come true together!

Free Printables

Kindness is always possible.
Here are some printable tools you can download to share small acts of kindness in your community!

Thank You Cards for Kindness Kit

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Boredom Busters

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Acts of Kindness

50 Family Acts of Kindness

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Make Kindness Your Super Power!

Inspire The World:

A Kid's Journey To Making A Difference

Author: Sammie Vance
llustrator: Talitha Shipman

What started as 8-year-old Sammie Vance’s mission to get a buddy bench for her school to fight loneliness grew to be so much more. Now Sammie is making a difference beyond her hometown. In her first-ever book, Sammie shares how she’s encouraging others through recycling, community, giving, determination, bravery, helping, be herself, and celebrating. She wants to inspire the world one kid at a time.


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Joining the Waiting List

Thank you for your interest in the My Buddy Bench Project. We are thrilled to see your enthusiasm for fostering kindness and inclusivity in our communities. Please note that due to high demand and limited resources, new applicants will be assigned to a waiting list to participate in our program. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to accommodate all interested parties.

Rest assured, your commitment to creating a kinder future for our children is invaluable, and we are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of young learners and promote a culture of empathy and friendship.

Thank you for your continued support.
My Buddy Bench Project.